What is the Centre of Excellence?

The Centre of Excellence is a new unit within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania which aims at strengthening Albania’s foreign policy and diplomatic service. The establishment of the Centre falls primarily within a framework of measures in support of Albania’s bid to join the European Union. The MFA, through its Centre of Excellence (The Centre) aims at strengthening its capacity in order to respond to new challenges and react to new opportunities such as promoting Albania through project-oriented ideas.This new unit will assist in exploring new ways of cooperation with international partners, think-tanks, independent experts, civil society and youth.


Description of the Center

The Center was established within the MFA in September 2014 through a fund provided by UNDP Albania. The Center is located within the MFA and works as a project-based unit, and it is responsible for providing and implementing projects on topics relevant to Albania’s foreign policy, such as economic and public diplomacy, intensification of bilateral relations, regional cooperation and EU integration. It represents a focal point for potential partners who are interested in collaborating with the MFA in pursuing the common objective of strengthening its capacities and enhancing Albania’s profile at the regional and international level.

Mission of the Center

The Center of Excellence aims at strengthening and promoting Albanian foreign policy through a comprehensive approach to bilateral relations, regional cooperation and EU integration in support of Albania's EU integration process.
The Center will strengthen MFA’s policy capacities by developing project ideas and new synergies with national and international partners in order to further encourage a more dynamic and active economic and public diplomacy at regional and European level.
The Centre also serves as a platform for bringing together and engaging policy-makers and independent experts in the debate about the future of the Western Balkan region and the country itself.

The Center's objectives:

Objective (1): Support the Ministry of Foreign Affairs role in raising the profile of the country in the international arena, with particular attention to international organisations and regional initiatives through project-based ideas, such as research and visibility activities.

Objective (2): Set up a coordinating structure and a platform of dialogue for experts within and out of Albania, who have solid background on foreign and strategic issues inherent to Albania’s EU integration process, regional cooperation and other core international issues; thereby strengthening the capacities of the MFA in terms of policy making.

Objective (3): Promote a structured dialogue between academics, young professionals, researchers and decision makers in the field of Diplomacy and Foreign Policy.